Artificial Turf: A Good Choice for the Elderly

It is a common fact that most people have a harder time working and being active as they get older. Whether seniors are going to live in nursing homes or living independently in their own house it is important that they be well cared for. One way to look after them is to lighten their load in any way possible, and one way to do this is to replace the lawn with a carpet of artificial turf.

Fake grass is made of synthetic material and it is used by many people to replace their real grass. Artificial turf can be placed anywhere that real grass grows and it has the added benefit of always looking lush and pristine. If the species of grass in the yard is important to the elderly then that's not a problem with fake turf because it comes in almost as many varieties as real grass.

One benefit to artificial turf is that it is safer than regular grass. Many elderly people like to exercise outside, and at some retirement homes it is even a routine part of the day. The problem is that all-natural lawns tend to be uneven and bumpy in places and this presents a falling hazard for these senior citizens. Fake grass, on the other hand, will level the ground and make walking and physical activity much less hazardous. This level surface also makes the ground much friendlier to wheelchairs. Finally, fake grass is soft and spongy and can help alleviate personal injury if a fall occurs.

Another benefit of artificial turf is that there is a lot less maintenance involved, something a person who isn't able to get around easily will be very thankful for. First of all fake grass doesn't come with the pests, like moles and other destructive animals, that real grass often has. Thus elderly people won't have to worry about dealing in pest control. Fake grass also doesn't need to be cut, watered, weeded, or fertilized. Even if the elderly person is able to do these tasks there is no reason for them to make the effort, and potential hurt themselves, if they don't have to. Of course they could always hire someone else to do the work, but with synthetic turf you won't have to. And this brings me to my next point.

Replacing your lawn with all fake turf can save you a lot of money. The initial cost per square foot will be high, but over the years this cost will be mitigated by the money you save in other areas. Synthetic grass does not have to be watered, and so one can save big bucks here on the water bill. You also won't have to feel as though you are wasting water. Fertilizers and herbicides are another cost that goes away with the arrival of fake grass. And, as mentioned before, you won't have to pay for regular lawn care services or pest control if you have fake grass. Artificial turf has numerous benefits for elderly people and you may want to consider making the switch today.

The development of synthetic grass is driven primarily by the sports industry. Sports such as soccer, baseball and football have always required vibrant grass covered fields. However, grass can die or turn yellow overnight, leaving unsightly splotches. Consequently, research into synthetic grass has been ongoing for over fifty years. As often happens with new technologies, the cost of this grass replacement has fallen significantly over time.

Homeowners everywhere are beginning to reap the many benefits of fake grass. Namely durability, resistance to weeds, low cost of maintenance and a consistent, rich green color. Many turf manufacturers guarantee their products problem-free for at least ten years, some even longer. In fact, with proper care, a synthetic grass lawn could last a lifetime.